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Preparing a place…{Take 2}


Why is this “Take Two”? I originally wrote this post last night and finished it this morning. I saved it {yet again} and clicked preview to make sure everything flowed. I was excited to finally be back writing after being away for over a month!

I hopped over to the preview page to discover nothing. Going back to my draft…again there was…nothing.

Every word.

Every picture.

Every sentiment.

Gone…just gone.

I came unglued at the seams. Bursting into frustrated tears, I had a mini mega momma meltdown as I cried. {I knew it was not the end of the world, but tell that to my raging 8 month preggo hormones!}

Saving my work meant nothing, everything had mysteriously disappeared, save for one little line I’d copied moments before:

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{Living Word} It will turn out the way it should…


John 13

Why does it always seem like the ordinary becomes extraordinary around Jesus? How is it He can take a simple thing like a meal and turn it into something that leaves us speechless and astonished?

We already knew this Passover would be different. How could it not? We entered Jerusalem in the middle of a parade! People were calling out from every direction:

“Hosanna to the Son of David!”

“Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord!”


“Blessed is the King of Israel!”

We couldn’t believe our eyes! Men started to cut palm branches and lay them out before Jesus. If they didn’t have any, they laid out their outer cloak instead! I doubt many of those cloaks were of much use once that donkey trampled them. The people didn’t seem to care though. They cried out even louder.

I could almost swear I heard angels among them…but that’s impossible.

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{Living Word} Jesus Feeds the Four Thousand


feeding_the_4000Matthew 15:29-39

I didn’t understand why my father brought me with him to hear this man speak, but he did. Early that morning, he gathered up my older brother and me with a few provisions, kissed my pregnant mother goodbye and we headed out.

It took all day to get to our destination. Before crossing over the Sea of Galilee, we stopped and ate the lunch we’d packed. I was relieved once we loaded into the small boat. My father and brother were used to walking great distances, but I only walked to and from the well each day and to Temple on the Sabbath. I didn’t want to complain about the soreness in my feet or the dust that had collected almost up to my knees.

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Divine Experience or Hopeless Distraction


A quick note before we jump in. All this week I will be in TN with my youth group. I will not have any internet or phone reception. If you leave a comment, please know I am not ignoring you, I will visit with everyone when I return this weekend. Thank you for your understanding and prayers!


In scripture, we read over and over of God speaking directly to His people. He walked with Adam and Eve in the garden, Jacob wrestled with God in the desert, Joseph understood His will through dreams, He spoke to Moses through a burning bush, an angel of the Lord appeared before Gideon, and the list could go on through the New Testament. How did they know it was truly God giving them direction and not the devil seeking to distract them?

Let’s take a quick look at one person who gives us the clearest picture of God’s direction, Gideon.

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Proverbs: Chapter Fourteen


Since I’m a day behind, I am only going to pick my favorite five verses from this chapter. Feel free to talk about your favorite in the comment section below.

More Proverbs of Solomon…

v.23 “All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.” Yep, it’s true y’all, if you just talk about doing something…it won’t make it  happen! DOING something makes it happen. Whether you are wanting to save for a house, learn more about God, get healthier, finish your work, learn the piano, or whatever it might be, action is the only way to get things done. That being said, for some reason, when I read this I thought of something I read in Renee Swope’s book A Confident Heart. I’m currently doing her online Bible study on her book and this week we are in chapter nine and it’s all about worry {I highly recommend stopping by her lesson on worry: CLICK HERE}. On page 163 of her book, she shares a quote from one of Max Lucado’s books called Come Thirsty:

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Proverbs: Chapter Thirteen


Proverbs of Solomon Continued…

Group One: v.12 and 19

Verse 12 especially struck a cord with me. I may not be reading it correctly, but it made me think of how my husband and I have been trying to conceive. It’ll be two years in June since we started trying and all we have to show for this emotional roller coaster of disappointments and false hopes is one miscarriage. So many have pointed out the “bright side,” that it is possible for us to get pregnant, but at times that offers little comfort as another month goes by. I still say though that I would rather have my hopes dashed than have no hope at all.

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Proverbs: Chapter Twelve


I’m doing another cut and group like I did with Chapter 11, printing out the verses, cutting them out and seeing how I can group them together. I don’t read any commentaries unless there’s a verse that makes no sense to me. Otherwise, I simply  write my heart’s reaction to what I’m reading through His Word.

Proverbs of Solomon continued even more…

Group One: v.1 and 4

Ok, I didn’t have a better place to put these two verses, so they got their own little group. Verse one makes me laugh out loud, “Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid.” You can’t tell me you read that without a little chuckle! After-all, how many times do you see the word “stupid” printed in the Bible? {Five times by the way in the NIV ’84, just in case you were curious.} It’s frank and to the point and I don’t think any explanation is really needed for that one. Verse four should be familiar as well and other reminder of just how important it is to have a wive or be a wive who is of good moral character and modesty.

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