My FAVE blogs!

These are just a few of the blogs I LOVE to read!

If you have a favorite blog, or if you write one yourself, feel free to leave a comment below!


Wendy BlightOk, I know you’re not supposed to have “favorites,” but I can’t help it, Wendy Blight’s blog Living Truth, is my favorite. Her’s was the first blog I ever read, starting back in February 2011 and it’s because of her blog that I found the wonderful women of the Proverbs 31 Ministries. Her focus is leading online Bible studies that she has written herself and y’all she is AMAZING! God has truly given her a gift for helping you dig deep into his Word. She will push you to go further with your faith, not letting you rest in a place of complacency, not allowing your faith to become lukewarm. Along with her posts that include your homework {believe me you will LOVE it!}, she takes the time to do a little vlog for each lesson as well, which you can access at anytime. Click HERE to be directed to her Bible study archive.

Of course, she posts about other things in-between Bible studies. She has also written a phenomenal book called Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner: The Transforming Power of God’s Story, which I have read and re-read several times. Be sure to visit her webpage and subscribe to her blog.


P31 Daily DevotionsThis next one is the daily devotion blog from Proverbs 31 Ministries, called Encouragement for Today. These amazing devotions are geared for women seeking to foster their faith in Christ. Once you subscribe, you will receive a devotion in your email inbox each day {except weekends}. You can also visit their site and peruse their archives if you’re looking for something in-particular to feed your heart. They are written by the staff and speaking team from…you guessed it the Proverbs 31 Ministries. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest.


This is my girl Melissa Taylor, another amazing woman from the P31 family. In the beginning of 2011, she decided to lead an online Bible study through her blog because, due to scheduling and life, she didn’t have an opportunity to attend one face to face. Well, little did she know just how God was going to bless her efforts! She now leads an online study through P31 and her blog with thousands of women from around the world! She always chooses a book written by someone on the P31 team which gives us a chance to dive in with these amazing women. Her studies also include four Conference Calls for a nominal price, guest bloggers, and a very active Facebook page with optional “small group” experiences through Facebook Groups. If life doesn’t allow you to join a face to face Bible study or you just want to try something new, then visit Melissa’s blog and see what she’s up to! This LINK will direct you to whatever her current or next Bible study she is planning.


Stephanie ClaytonOh, my word, y’all! This next blogger is the most adorable woman ever! Stephanie Clayton shares her amazing heart with the world. She digs into the scriptures and shares what God has revealed to her. As a professional counselor, she also provides sound advice to those who need healing from past hurts, drawing you into the arms of Christ, the Great Physician. You can also find Stephanie on Facebook.


Samantha ReedWhat can I say about the beautiful Samantha Reed? Aside from the fact that this girl is an incredible wordsmith on WWF, her blog, Fields of Gold is absolutely inspiring. Her writing style will draw you in with it’s beautifully crafted words, open heart, and passion for Jesus. She will make you feel like you are sitting in a little coffee shop, snuggled in one of those over-stuffed chairs. When the truth pours out through her writing, it will make you sit up and pay attention. You will come back read her posts over and over letting a little more sink in each time.


Renee Swope is one of the 31 gurus who’s heart is for leading women to live confidently in Christ. In her amazing book A Confident Heart, she shares her struggles of self doubt and insecurity and helps you find your confidence in the One who’s opinion of you matters most…and never changes. Renee is another one of those writers who makes you feel like they’re sitting right across from you, sharing their heart for Jesus over a good cup of coffee {I like coffee}. Be sure to visit her blog and check out all the free resources she has for you, including her Praying for my Husband from Head to Toe print out.

Renee is also the Executive Director of the P31 Radio Ministry that she does with Lysa TerKeurst who is the President of the Proverbs 31 Ministries. You will LOVE their radio ministry. They are one minute blurbs packed with truth and practical advice from God’s Word. Check them out HERE or subscribe through iTunes.


Rachel Olsen is so much fun! Whether she and I are swapping Princess Bride quotes {probably one of the best movies ever} or scripture, she will leave you smiling. Rachel’s blog is all about Jesus and fun, but every once in a while she’ll throw in something unique and interesting. Last year she shared a post about a desktop App that helps you keep track of what you’re up to during the day, both on your computer and off, to help you be more productive {Rescue Time}. This App is really awesome by the way.

Rachel has also written a book called It’s No Secret. In her book she shares 12 ways to hung up the hung-ups in order to gain a deeper intimacy with Christ. It’s a wonderful book and I definitely recommend that you pick up a copy!

16 thoughts on “My FAVE blogs!

  1. Well, I’m ‘thissssss’ close to tears! Where oh where is my box of tissues. Girl, your heart radiates Jesus. Thank you for this honor and the privilege of calling you friend. It’s a daily joy. You bring hope and encouragement to so so so so so many!! Can. Not. Wait. to hug you at She Speaks!!!

    Much love!


  2. Shared this list! So perfect! Your story mirrors mine!! Early in 2011, I read a post by Wendy Blight as well and was introduced to Proverbs 31 Ministries. After beginning to follow her blog, I found out about Melissa Taylor and her Online Bible Studies which has changed my life completely. I am so grateful for these wonderful ladies as well as yourself who listen daily to God’s whispers and are real with us daily!


    1. Yeah, I found her blog just as she started her Cultivating a Heart of Prayer Bible study, it was amazing! Like you, from there I hooked up with Melissa when she started her study on Rachel’s book It’s No Secret. It’s been like a joy-ride for the heart with these ladies! <3 Heather


    1. I’ve been prayn’ for you as you work on your little project :). Prayn’ that you will be coming back to blogging soon too, ’cause I’m going through Rachel withdrawals! Blessings to you sister :)! <3 Heather


  3. I’ve been to most of these sites as well. I find myself drawn to them often. What a blessing to have these amazing women leaders who are just like us. :)



  4. Heather, what a treat to see so many fabulous bloggers, writers and mentors. Love, love, love P31. Nothing like having a positive addiction. I first heard Rene Swope on the radio in 2007 and started getting the devotionals. In Feb 2008, I heard about She Speaks for the first time and knew that I had to go, which to me was a complete impossibility. I had just given birth to my third son, a preemie with health conditions, I was suffering horrible health problems, my husband did not want me doing anything “Christian”, and we were in the process of losing our home. But I had such an overwhelming pressure that I had to attend that I signed up immediately, making sure to check the cancellation policy. Then I went out and told my husband what I had done, clearly expecting him to tell me to cancel immediately. Instead he told me that he thought this was the best thing that I could ever do for myself. In the months between then and She Speaks (which was in June that year), God had completely cleared up both mine and my son’s health problems, relieved us of the burden of our home; and even more amazingly, move us to Charlotte ten days before the conference. That weekend turned out to be the most pivotal point that I had ever experienced in my Christian life. So I just love when I see others who were as blessed as I was.

    BTW, I absolutely love your blog design. So much so that I had my entire site already created with this design, then I bounced over to your blog instead of e-mail and saw that you already had it. I had to completely redesign my site. Just another reason to enjoy reading along with you every day.


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