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There are no small parts…


About a million years ago,  when I was at Concordia University in Austin Texas {GO TORNADOES!}, a little film crew came through to shoot a small scene in one of our classrooms. At the time, the movie was just getting started and would take a whopping 12 years to complete!

It was all very glamorous of course. We were told when to enter and exit, assigned seats, told when to “laugh,” and of course did all of this over and over and over again. All for the sake of a few moments in the film.

My friends and I played a very tiny roll in a movie encompassing a twelve year span and unless you were there, you could probably care less about the people sitting in those seats. We added nothing to the storyline, we just filled the space.


But there’s one thing I learned in my years of theater.

There are no small parts…

The same goes for those obscure stories of the Bible…

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Preparing a place…{Take 2}


Why is this “Take Two”? I originally wrote this post last night and finished it this morning. I saved it {yet again} and clicked preview to make sure everything flowed. I was excited to finally be back writing after being away for over a month!

I hopped over to the preview page to discover nothing. Going back to my draft…again there was…nothing.

Every word.

Every picture.

Every sentiment.

Gone…just gone.

I came unglued at the seams. Bursting into frustrated tears, I had a mini mega momma meltdown as I cried. {I knew it was not the end of the world, but tell that to my raging 8 month preggo hormones!}

Saving my work meant nothing, everything had mysteriously disappeared, save for one little line I’d copied moments before:

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Meet Bible Study Author, Donna Pyle (plus a Giveaway!)


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Thanks so much, Heather, for having me over to get the word out about my new Bible study, The God of All Comfort.

We are a comfort-loving society. We like our creature comforts, so to speak. But in the midst of suffering, true comfort often surprises us. A kind word. A soothing hug. A special delivery of the Savior’s love. Right where we stand. Right when we get blind-sided. In the middle of hurt. On the main street of chaos. In the vortex of life’s storms.

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Get ’em sticky!


As promised, this post has now been turned into a Page. Feel free to visit by clicking HERE.

Leap of Faith…


How many of you have ever been on a boat when the wind and the waves have kicked up? Have you ever tried to “step out”? It’s not as easy as it sounds! Peter couldn’t have simply stepped out of the boat, not with the waves rocking it the way they were and the wind fighting against the sails. When Christ called him to “Come,” v.29 Peter would’ve had to brace himself, grasp the side of the vessel, and swing his legs over the side, hoping a wave didn’t kick and knock him back. Talk about a LEAP OF FAITH! I can just picture him taking a breath and jumping over the side, and hitting the water. His knees bend naturally, but he stays there for just a moment, expecting to continue through the water. Then, slowly, he begins to rise, firmly standing on the water. Can you imagine that first step? One step…two…three…four…how many does he take? Press rewind for a moment…

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Stop grumbling and look up.


Here’s another 250word devotion that I’m working on for possible submission to CPH’s devotional called Portals of Prayer. If you don’t have a daily devotional you read, I recommend subscribing to Portals of Prayer.

Read: Numbers 21:4-9, Psalm 22

To you they cried and were rescued; in you they trusted and were not put to shame. Psalm 22:5

Traveling with small children isn’t always easy, especially when the road is long. Despite having everything they may need, children can get restless and bored. I imagine God feeling like a parent as He led His people through the wilderness. They had everything they needed, yet in our scripture lesson, we find them grumbling against the Lord and it was about to get them into very big trouble. Read the rest of this entry

Do I love Him more?


So I’m working on writing up devotions to submit to Portals of Prayer for Concordia Publishing House. That probably doesn’t sound very impressive, but it’s something I want to work on. Well, writing for me isn’t very challenging, what makes this project a little bit of a challenge though is the word count requirement. All submitted devotions must be 250words or less, which includes the scripture posted, the title, and the one-sentence prayer. Read the rest of this entry