The Commandments: Good Medicine


Ten Commandments

I’ve decided to be hip and do an online study, but I’m probably shooting myself in the foot here.

The first online study I’ll be tackling with y’all…

The Ten Commandments.


Everybody’s faaaaavorite topic. Rules and regulations.

Excited yet?

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Hi, I’m Chelsey, and I’m a recovering church-hater.


ChelseyHi, my name is Chelsey, and I’m a recovering church-hater.

(This is where you say, “Hi, Chelsey.”)

I was born and raised in the Texan Hill Country, where my family has lived for many generations. I grew up heavily involved in the church and in a very small conservative town before graduating and moving away to Austin, where I became a hippie.

I met my husband, Ted, in college and we got married right after I graduated. We moved to St. Louis for two years of his seminary training, Baton Rouge for a year of vicarage, and then back to St. Louis. These four years taught me many lessons (one of which was that I can pack up a house in two days or less), but the most important was the fact that ministry is not about me.

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Lent, it’s more than giving up


AWI’ve been giving up something for Lent for as long as I can remember. Sometimes it’s the usual, chocolate or something I eat/drink too much of anyway.

Sometimes I take on something…but I can’t remember what I’ve taken on in years past, so I must not have done it too well or picked something wimpy.

This year I decided to make it count.

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Something NICE to say about 50 Shades of Grey



There are about a million articles concerning the book turned movie coming out soon. So here’s mine.

::in the style of Forrest Gump::

“Momma always said, if you ain’t got somethin’ nice to say…don’t say nothin’ at all.”

So…there you go. That’s my article. Seriously. Have a very blessed Saturday with the ones you love and the One who loves you most! ::curtsy::

The #1 lie we believe about forgiveness.


forgive yourselfWe all have those nights.

Nights when we find ourselves crumpled on the floor, our soul crushed under the weight of what we’ve done. Our minds reeling with accusation.

No matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to break free from _______.

What makes you think you deserve ___________ after what you’ve done?

Jesus died for you, but even He won’t forgive you for _____________.

You’ll never be a good ____________ now!

God can’t hear you through all your sin!

We huddle, clutching our Bible with an iron grip, desperate for the words, “you are forgiven,” to not only leap from the pages, but imprint on our heart. Willing those three little words to magically wash away the sludge of what we have done.

And then it happens. A well meaning friend or family member gives us the biggest lie we believe about forgiveness.

“::Insert your name::, you need to forgive yourself and move on.”

The truth is…we can’t forgive ourselves.

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How to survive the zombie apocalypse.


zombieIf you’re like me, a little nutty, you have a basic idea of what you will do when the zombie apocalypse starts. My hubby and I aren’t far from the Everglades, so our plan is to grab our camping gear, weapons, whatever essentials we can fit in the truck, and head out into the wild to fend for ourselves.

You are welcome to join us, we have zombie grade bullets…seriously…we do.

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Five ways to “carry each other’s burdens.”

Five ways to “carry each other’s burdens.”

I don’t think I’ll ever remember what prompted me to lift up this prayer over and over as a child, but I it’s not a prayer I’ve ever forgotten.

Dear God, if there is someone out there who is going to go through something they can’t handle. You can give it to me instead. No matter what it is, I know you’ll be with me and it will be ok. Amen.

I think of this prayer fairly often, surprised at my little girl self for praying something so dangerous. As an adult, I shake my head, the prayer sounds so masochistic!

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